27 JAN 2009

This was a very boring post.  Sorry about that.  My passion has withered away temporarily.

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2 Responses to “27 JAN 2009”

  1. cousin jessa says:

    no way cuz!

    that’s big news about circuit city–news i did not know.

    so thank you for that.

    love you,
    cousin jessa

  2. Mom says:

    Just a thought. In 1999, I bought my second computer from Circuit City and charged it. An accidental glitch occurred on my credit report, and Circuit City quadrupled my interest rate, making it nearly impossible for me to pay even the interest given my income at the time. I managed to transfer the debt to another credit card and swore I would never enter that store again, and haven’t. What nobody is getting is that credit cards are driving people to the brink of bankruptcy. I don’t understand why the banks issuing the credit cards are going belly-up. They are charging an outrageous amount of interest, and if you’re late just once, they raise the outrageous amount of interest to an even more outrageous amount of interest. Everyone’s talking about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, hey, what about Discover??????