26 SEP 2009

Music no one cares about, exciting car chases.


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  1. Mom says:

    Actually, I loved the musical composition, the beat, and the talent of the musicians. My first question is: How on earth did they revive Joe Cocker??? I thought he died of a drug overdose years ago. Hmm, I guess the screamer is just an imitation. It would have been so much nicer if it had been sung by an actual singer instead of someone screaming something which was nearly drowned out by the wonderful music.

  2. crawdaddy79 says:

    I’m surprised you listened to it. Thank you! Who’s Joe Cocker?

    There is good screaming, and there is not so good screaming… This screaming is good because there is passion behind it. There are other bands that scream just for the sake of screaming, and I usually don’t like those (Arch Enemy is case in point for that… the music is good, but the vocals, even though screaming, are dull).

    There’s more music from a one-mand-band that I’m listening to that’s completely free, and all instrumental. I’m trying to weed out the songs I don’t like from the songs I do… and when that happens I’ll be sure to post them up. :)

  3. crawdaddy79 says:

    Of course, that depends on which song you’re talking about. The Cookie Monster one (Split – Least of Our Smiles) isn’t very passionate with the vocals, but I think the music far overshadows it (especially since the second half of the song is mostly instrumental).

    My above comment was referring to Convalescence.

  4. Mom says:

    I was talking about Convalescence as well.